Сезон 4 / Эпизод 8

  • BosshouseYou and Me and Punk Rock
  • Gauntlet HairHuman Nature
  • HammerwaxSweet as a Golden Apple
  • Kaitlin RiegelSilhouettes
  • BosshouseTake a Chance
  • Gunther FitzgibbonsDrowned
  • Attack of the Fifty Foot GuitarsSomething Dub
  • VOMFEverybody's Laughing
  • LocksleyBlack Ajax
  • The F StringGot What I Want
  • Cameron MonaghanThe Army Goes Rolling Along Sung
  • HammerwaxCop Chopper
  • The Little ShirleyBeachnut
  • Magic BonesDevil's Spawn
  • VOMFStoner
  • The NinisIl Buffone
  • ZZ WardMove Like U Stole It (Paul Oakenfold Mix)
  • The PollywogsOur Love Is
  • The Scotch of Saint James100
  • Jonathan AtkinsonHigh Life
  • Running YoungOut of Time
  • The F StringNothing At All
  • Niall McGuinessMickey Slim
  • Ed Hale & The TranscendenceMan Child Woman
  • BosshouseBrick House Woman (as Heard On the Glades)
  • Dig the KidCold Afternoon
  • KC BookerLulu
  • The Boxer RebellionBoth Sides Are Even
  • ExitmusicThe Cold
  • The High StrungThe Luck You Got
  • Old Man CanyonPhantoms and Friends
  • Sydney WayserGeographer
  • The DinerNot Gonna Play By Your Rules
  • Museé MecaniqueNothing Glorious
  • PhantogramBlack Out Days
  • The Duke SpiritBodies
  • Icona PopAll Night
  • PlaitumTemptress
  • REO SpeedwagonCan't Fight This Feeling
  • EDMMilking the Moon
  • PollywogsOur Love Is
  • Ed Hale and The TranscendenceManChildWoman
  • ZZ WardMove Like U Stole It (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
  • A.A. BondySkull & Bones
  • Early Day MinersMilking the Moon
  • ZZ WardMove Like U Stole It
  • Charli XCXSuperLove

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