Logan (2017)


Logan (2017)
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Песни из фильма Логан (Logan (2017))

  • Marco BeltramiEternum - Laura's Theme
  • Marco BeltramiDon't Be What They Made You
  • Marco BeltramiUp to Eden
  • Cate SongLove Is a Tricky Thing
  • Marco BeltramiDriving to Mexico
  • Marco BeltramiFeral Tween
  • Marco BeltramiLogan vs. X-24
  • Marco BeltramiForest Fight
  • Marco BeltramiInto the Woods
  • Marco BeltramiMain Titles
  • Richard Kimmings, Jason Pedder, Douglas Brown & Gavin ConderBlacked Out
  • Marco BeltramiLoco Logan
  • Jim CroceI Got a Name
  • Marco BeltramiLogan's Limo
  • The AmericanosBlackOut (feat. Lil Jon, Juicy J & Tyga)
  • Blaze & Chin CheckParty Life
  • baauerMake It Bang (feat. TT The Artist)
  • Santi MostaffaLas Mil Y Una Noches
  • Extreme MusicGimme A Country Man
  • Jhay CI Play to Win (feat. Shari Short)
  • Ted CaplanWilliam Tell Overture (Rossini)
  • Hot ToothpasteRainbow Explosion
  • Marco BeltramiLaura
  • RauryDevil's Whisper
  • Marco BeltramiYou Can't Break the Mould
  • Marco BeltramiGabriella's Video
  • Marco BeltramiTo the Cemetery
  • Marco BeltramiGoodnight Moon
  • Marco BeltramiFarm Aid
  • Marco BeltramiX-24
  • Marco BeltramiEl Limo-Nator
  • ClooneyTonight
  • Johnny CashThe Man Comes Around
  • Marco BeltramiThe Grim Reavers
  • Marco BeltramiOld Man Logan
  • Marco BeltramiAlternate Route to Mexico
  • Marco BeltramiThat's Not a Choo-Choo
  • Johnny CashHurt
  • KaleoWay Down We Go
  • Marco BeltramiBeyond the Hills
  • Grant Lee PhillipsFind My Way
  • KaleoAutomobile
  • Bobby HelmsThe Best Man
  • Russell DickersonBlue Tacoma
  • W. H. MonkAbide With Me (from the 1953 film "Shane")
  • Victor Young & Wilson StoneEyes Of Blue (from the 1953 film "Shane")
  • Victor Young & Mack DavidCall Of The Faraway Hills (from the 1953 film "Shane")
  • Victor YoungBlack Is The Color (from the 1953 film "Shane")
  • Victor YoungApotheosis and End Title
  • Victor YoungTrouble Ahead / Torrey's Death / Taking Torrey Home
  • Marco BeltramiLogan Drives
  • Brooke EdenAmerican Dreamin'
  • U4L featuring Beth EnloeThe Party Starts Right Now
  • 66music, Blaze, Chin CheckParty Life

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