Titanic (1997)


Titanic (1997)
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Песни из фильма Титаник (Titanic (1997))

  • James HornerNever an Absolution
  • James HornerDistant Memories
  • James HornerSouthampton
  • James HornerRose
  • James HornerLeaving Port
  • James HornerTake Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch
  • James HornerHard to Starboard
  • James HornerUnable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave
  • James HornerThe Sinking
  • James HornerDeath of Titanic
  • James HornerA Promise Kept
  • James HornerA Life So Changed
  • James HornerAn Ocean of Memories
  • James Horner & Céline DionMy Heart Will Go On
  • James HornerHymn to the Sea
  • James HornerTitanic Suite
  • Gaelic StormAn Irish Party In Third Class (Includes "John Ryan's Polka" and "Blarney Pilgrim") [Instrumental]
  • I SalonistiAlexander's Ragtime Band
  • James HornerThe Portrait
  • James HornerJack Dawson's Luck (Includes "Humours of Caledon", "The Red-Haired Lass", "The Boys On the Hilltop" & "The Bucks of Oranmore") [Instrumental]
  • James HornerA Building Panic
  • I SalonistiNearer My God to Thee
  • Máire BrennanCome Josephine, In My Flying Machine
  • James HornerLament (Includes "a Spailpín a Rún")
  • James HornerA Shore Never Reached
  • Celine DionMy Heart Will Go On (Dialogue Mix)
  • James HornerNearer My God to Thee
  • James HornerEpilogue - The Deep and Timeless Sea
  • Felix GodinValse September
  • Meredith WillsonMarguerite Waltz
  • Paul LinckeWedding Dance
  • Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Frank ShipwayPoet & Peasant Overture
  • Johann Strauss IIBlue Danube
  • Peter Ilyich TchaikovskySong Without Words
  • I SalonistiEstudiantina
  • Archibald JoyceVision of Salome
  • Ivan Caryll & Lionel MoncktonTitsy Bitsy Girl
  • Irving BerlinAlexander's Ragtime Band
  • I SalonistiSphinx
  • Jacques OffenbachBarcarole from Tales of Hoffman
  • Jacques Offenbach, Prague Symphony Orchestra & Václav SmetáčekOrpheus in the Underworld: Overture
  • Archibald JoyceSong of Autumn
  • Lowell Mason and Sarah AdamsNearer My God to Thee
  • John McCormackIt's a Long Way to Tipperary
  • Halfway House Dance OrchestraLet Me Call You Sweetheart
  • Guy Lombardo and His OrchestraVilia
  • Chick Bullock & His Levee LoungersMy Gal Sal
  • Chuck Foster & His OrchestraOh! You Beautiful Doll
  • Adrian Rollini TrioMartha
  • Duke Ellington and His OrchestraIn the Shade of the Old Apple Tree
  • Beatrice KayWaiting At the Church
  • John Kirby & His OrchestraFrasquita Serenade
  • Hal KempShine On Harvest Moon
  • Mildred Bailey and Her Orchestrafrom the Land of the Sky Blue Water
  • Maxine Sullivan and Her OrchestraLoch Lomond
  • Miff Mole's MolersA Hot Time In the Old Town Tonight
  • Nelson EddyNearer My God to Thee
  • John Kirby and His OrchestraFrasquita Serenade
  • Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySong Without Words

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